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The basic principles of CMSimple SE are the same as in the standard version. You create pages by splitting the content file through headlines.

To get started with your new site, first go to the Settings-Panel and choose the menumanager. Click then on add page and add all the pages you want on your site. You will see how your new pages appear in the navigation. After you finished this, simply click on the pages and start entering your content. CMSimple SE has two Editors, the standard OEdit and openWYSIWYG. Both have advantages, so you can switch back & forth between them with the buttons at the top.

OEdit is CMSimple's build-in editor, its good for setting up new pages without the menu manager and manipulating HTML directly.

tinyMCE is a good choice for creating tables and inserting and manipulating images. It has a nice image manager and lets you set the alignment of images.

The openWYSIWYG Editor is still there but you need to activate it in the configuration to make it work. It has been upgraded to the latest version.

Remember to always save after doing changes, because if you leave the current page, everything will be lost! You can create Backups in the Settings-Panel by clicking on "keep this!". Enter a notice to remind yourself what was inside that backup.

To set up CMSimple's mailform, go to the Configuration and enter your e-mail address there. The mailform is then activated and a link will then show up on your site.

Thats all you need to know to get started! We hope you enjoy working with CMSimple Special Edition!